Guitar Lessons At Van Tuyl Music Academy In Huntington Beach

Learn More About Guitar Lessons at VTMA In HB

Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach’s original school of rock, metal, pop, blues, jazz and live performance lessons for guitar. Whether you have a child that wants to learn the guitar or you’re looking to take guitar lessons for yourself, Van Tuyl Music Academy is the place for you. Our seasoned, professional guitar instructors have experience with students of all ages and ability levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.


VTMA is more than a music factory for guitar lessons, we’re an immersive, one-of-a-kind school that teaches you how to find your true tone and style. Learning guitar is more than just learning how to recreate the notes and chords of your favorite songs. When you learn a song, chord, solo or riff at VTMA in HB, our instructors show you both the how and the why. Music theory, technique, rhythm and tone are just a few of the elements that make a VTMA guitarist sound like a real pro who was born to play the guitar.

Watch 13-Year Old VTMA Guitar Student Blake Bennett Performs Sweet Child O' Mine

Guitar Lesson F.A.Q.’s

At what age is it appropriate to begin guitar lessons?

Age 5 is when a child has developed enough physical size and dexterity to properly hold and play the guitar. We recommend purchasing a 3/4 or mini-sized guitar for students between the ages of 5-8.

What Equipment Do I Need To Begin Guitar Lessons?

If you already own a guitar, all you need is our Guitar Ninjas Starter Pack, which includes all the tools necessary for success on the guitar.

If you don’t own a guitar, ask us about our special pricing on beginner guitars for purchase or rental!

Are private guitar lessons the only thing offered at Van Tuyl Music Academy?

Not at all! We also have Band Workshops for guitarists of all ability levels and ages through our Performance Academy. For more advanced players that have taken guitar lessons before or currently have a guitar instructor, we have the ultimate performance experience for young players! 

About our program:

Discover All There Is To Know About Guitar Lessons at VTMA in HB

In our guitar program, students are invited to learn whichever style of music that interests them, whether it is Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Punk, Blues or even Classical Finger Style. Beginning Electric Guitar students start off with songs like I Love Rock ‘n Roll, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Free Fallin’, the 12 Bar Blues, and House of the Rising Sun. This gives them the foundation from which most music is based. Our advanced students master scales, improvisation, speed picking, slide guitar, and famous guitar solos to give them the tools necessary to begin writing their own music and performing it live. Acoustic Guitar students start by learning songs from Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, Tom Petty, and The Eagles which teaches them all the open chords needed to sound like a pro when at a camp fire. Once these chords and songs are mastered, students learn finger picking, open tuning, and advanced right hand rhythms so they can perform material from Acoustic Guitar greats such as Led Zeppelin, The Foo Fighters, and Robert Johnson.

Taking guitar lessons at Van Tuyl Music Academy in Huntington Beach is an experience unlike any other. Our facilities have clean rooms, the latest technology and a large music library. Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach’s original school of rock, metal, pop, blues, jazz and live performance lessons for guitar. We’re so much more than just a music factory of lessons in OC.