Experience Virtual Music Lessons At VTMA

Take Virtual Lessons in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, or Drums

VTMA in Huntington Beach offers a one-of-a-kind Virtual Music Lesson Experience Through Zoom


Have you run out of puzzles? Are your kids playing video games and looking at social media non-stop? Are you just plain bored? Now is the perfect time to start your musical journey, and learn the instrument you’ve always wanted to play! Our Stay At Home Music Lesson program is:


We don’t just turn on a web cam, hop on skype and “figure it out.” Our instructors conduct every lesson with HD Cameras and Professional Microphones so you see and hear as good as you would if you were in the studio with us. Every lesson is recorded, so you can go back and watch what you learned in each lesson.


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All you need is a computer, laptop, or mobile device to take lessons with us on the Zoom App


Text us up to 30 minutes before your lesson if you need to reschedule

What’s The Difference Between Virtual Music Lessons And Learning An Instrument On YouTube? 

YouTube music lessons are an amazingly helpful tool in becoming a better musician. However, there are a few things that YouTube or music learning sites will never be able to help you with. Specifically:

  • They can’t tell you if you’re doing it right – Did that note sound good? Are you getting better? Who knows!
  • They can’t answer your questions – video music lessons are geared for short attention spans to maximize clicks, so you mostly get a quick overview of whatever song or concept the video is teaching
  • They’re often wrong – there are some fantastic instructors online, we know some of the best ones personally, but for every good online instructor, there are thousands who simply either don’t know what they’re talking about, or don’t know who to teach it clearly

Most Importantly

  • They’re not focused on YOU! – Our team of instructors able to teach you any song you’ve ever wanted to learn, and clearly show you what to play and how to play it. We’re there to answer every question you have, and go as slow or fast as you need us to go.