Why Music Videos Are A Critical Aspect Of Artist Development

Do You Really Need To Have A YouTube Channel?

The quick answer, yes!

Welcome to our ongoing series on Artist Development. To us at Van Tuyl Music Academy in Huntington Beach, Artist Development means going beyond standard music lessons for Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar or Drums, it means exploring the skills and challenges that are presented to professional musicians on an every day basis, and it means finding your unique voice in a crowded music world. We care so much about artist development, that we’ve created an entire program for developing the artist inside you. A quick note, most of our music education blogs are objective, question and answer style posts that allow the reader to make determinations on their own. These posts, are not! They’re our opinions, but opinions backed by years of experience and thousands of musicians trained. For more information on our Artist Development program for musicians ages 11-adult, click here!

How do you share your original music with anyone anymore? If a singer or artist walked up to me and said, “here’s my cd, I’d love for you to give it a listen,” I would first think, “ok, where do I have a CD drive?”

Car?  – nope

Laptop at home? – my new apple laptop? Ha! yeah, right

Computer at office? – ok that one still has a CD drive.

So let me not lose this CD, remember to take it from my car to my office when I’m already carrying two sets of keys, my glasses case, my iced coffee, my computer bag, my wallet…. and then put it on my desk, not get distracted by 30 emails, put the CD in the drive, wait for it to upload, and then listen to it.

I’m sure you’re getting my drift.


I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that. Most of the students I have who are at least nine years old already have three channels.

So what should you post on YouTube? Do you really want to put yourself out there as an artist who records a video on his or her phone? iPhone videos are definitely a good quality, but will they capture your magic, your tone, your true voice? Doubtful.

If you want to perform, if you want to be taken seriously by anyone you approach, you need to have real, professional videos. Videos that showcase you and will make the viewer say, “I need this artist at my venue.”

Constantly posting new music videos helps you gain subscribers, and thusly gain fans. Build up a large enough following and you can begin selling your music, performing in better venues with better pay. It requires a long term approach, one dedicated to working the plan over the next five to ten years.

A very successful business man once told me, “You know what the difference between me and the hundreds of competitors who started the same time I did, but are no longer around? I never quit. No matter what, I always got up the next day and went to work, figured out how to solve the problem.”

It’s the same with your music. Everyone can start a channel, excitedly upload their first five videos. But it’s the artist who consistently upload videos over hundreds of weeks and months that truly get somewhere.