What Are Studio Ready Music Lessons

Welcome to our ongoing series on Artist Development. This post explains what being a studio ready musician is, and what studio ready music lessons are. Being studio ready is the first major test of an artists ability level in music.

To us at Van Tuyl Music Academy in Huntington Beach, Artist Development means going beyond standard music lessons for Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar or Drums, it means exploring the skills and challenges that are presented to professional musicians on an every day basis, and it means finding your unique voice in a crowded music world. We care so much about artist development, that we’ve created an entire program for developing the artist inside you. A quick note, many of our music education blogs are objective, question and answer style posts that allow the reader to make determinations on their own. These posts, are not! They’re our opinions,  but opinions backed by years of experience and thousands of musicians trained. For more information on our program for musicians ages 11-adult, click here!

What Are Studio Ready Music Lessons?

Studio Ready Music Lessons are instrument and vocal lessons that begin with the end goal of possessing the skills necessary to record in a studio and on film. It is often said that the studio presents the most challenging environment for a musician to perform, and that is because most amateur musicians enter the studio either un-prepared, or without the skills necessary to produce a recording they can be proud of. Studio Ready Music Lessons focus a significant amount of time on performing with a metronome, gaining a deep understanding of the pocket, recording scratch tracks, and most importantly, the mental approach to recording. The Studio is a place that often breaks musicians down, and make them question their own abilities. Having the mental strength to record is a key component taught in Studio Ready Music Lessons.

How Will I Know if I’m Studio Ready?

The first and most simple test is if you can play to a metronome, consistently, for the entire length of a song. Playing consistently to a metronome means you’re playing a rhythm that properly lines up with the beeps or clicks of a metronome. If you get off the beat at any point while playing, your timing still needs a lot of work. Once you can play an entire song, consistently to a metronome, then you can begin developing your feel, which is an entirely new skill set.

Why Must I Play To a Metronome to be Studio Ready?

Especially today, everything we play and hear is recorded to a metronome, so that it can be easily edited in post production. But more importantly, a solid sense of time is what makes the listener feel comfortable listening to your music.

If you’re not studio ready, then you need to become studio ready!