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VTMA's Huntington Beach Voice Instructors Are The Original Teachers Of Pop, Rock, Blues, Hip Hop & Jazz

Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Orange County’s original school of rock, pop, musical theater, blues, jazz and live performance for vocals and singing. Van Tuyl Music Academy is proud to have some of the most talented and in-demand voice teachers in Southern California. Each one of our vocal instructors has years of experience both as an educator but more importantly, as a performer. The skills they have mastered from their years of experience combined with their passion for helping others achieve their musical goals while having fun are what set them high above the rest. This unique combination is not easy to find but is vital to our success.

van tuyl music academy voice lessons instructor syreeta

Syreeta Neal

Syreeta has performed with Van Tuyl Entertainment since 2010. She began teaching private voice lessons in Huntington Beach for VTMA in 2013.



Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, Syreeta Neal is a fourth generation musician who was exposed to music and the art of performance long before she was able to articulate her passion for it.
She began studying jazz and classical music at the age of 11 but her most influential “classrooms” were those of her musical family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where her father, grandfather and many aunts and uncles are all accomplished blues musicians.
Syreeta grew up hearing stories of Blues legends like Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters and Big Mama Thornton taking her father on the road when he was just a young teenager. And, as is the tradition in the Neal family, at the age of 19 Syreeta traveled overseas to Paris to open for her father, (3 time Grammy nominee) Kenny Neal and his blues band. During this time Syreeta also began carving out a place for herself in the live music scene in Toronto and over the years she has had the opportunity to perform as a featured artist in Blues and Jazz festivals throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe.
These experiences were the catalyst for Syreeta to move on to composing and performing her own original material while simultaneously honing her skills on electric and acoustic guitar. In 2003 Syreeta and her then writing/production partner Adrian Eccleston (Nelly Furtado, Kylie Minogue, Drake, Leona Lewis, The Weeknd) completed her independent debut album, entitled “Stand Tall.” It was during this time that Syreeta also worked as an in-house writer for Sony Music Canada.
Syreeta’s live performances and original recordings have been featured on national television and radio in Canada and the U.S. and her songs have appeared in several movies of the week and television series’ and theatrical releases. Most recently, her song Follow You has appeared in the 2013 feature film Home Again.


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van tuyl music academy voice instructor jevon mcglory

Jevon McGlory

Jevon has been performing with Van Tuyl Entertainment since 2013 and began teaching voice lessons in Huntington Beach with VTMA in 2015.



Jevon studied vocals, piano and percussion under legendary vocalist Philip Bailey from Earth, Wind and Fire. Philip took him under his wing while Jevon was still in High School after recognizing Jevon’s passion and dedication to music. Jevon embarked upon Guitar and digital Music classes in High School and furthered his studies in vocals, theory and harmony at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, California as well as Citrus College in Glendora, California where he is currently studying. In 2001, Jevon got his break when he performed in Dubai U.A.E. at the Twin Towers, six nights a week for four months straight. In 2003, Jevon wrote and recorded the song “He Said” for Cyclo Records. The song was tracked at #12 on the Billboard dance charts by ASCAP in South Africa, Belgium and the United Kingdom, to name a few. In 2005 Jevon produced an album called Volume one with his band “Solacz” and proceeded to travel the globe to places like Austria, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Germany, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, London, Serejevo and Uzebekistan to promote the album with a distribution deal through Universal Records (available on iTunes). After Solacz, Jevon joined a band in 2008 called Stone Mecca and began opening for Black Eyed Peas, Earth, Wind and Fire, Wu-Tang, and Les Nubians. He recorded vocals on Wu-Tang leader Rza’s latest solo record “Digisnax” as well as the RepoMen Soundtrack (a movie starring Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker) on a song called “Everyday will be like a Holiday”. Jevon has appeared on The Craig Ferguson Show twice, and toured the nation and Canada in support of the Stone Mecca album “First Contact” (available on iTunes). Recently Jevon wrote and sang on 2 songs from the new Earth, Wind and Fire album called “Now, Then and Forever” and performed with the famed group Earth, Wind and Fire at the televised event “Christmas at the Grove 2014”. You can find Jevon’s album and singles on Spotify, Pandora and Itunes, and his many videos at www.youtube.com/jevonmcglory. Currently Jevon is studying music at Citrus College and finishing his 2nd solo album as well as finishing up his 2nd rock album both due in digital stores at the beginning of 2016. www.jevonmcglory.com


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Taking voice lessons at Van Tuyl Music Academy is an experience unlike any other. Our facilities have clean rooms, the latest technology and a large music library. Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Orange County’s original school of rock, pop, musical theater, blues, jazz and live performance for voice. We’re so much more than a music factory for singing lessons.

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