RockStars Music Studios Is Now Van Tuyl Music Academy

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Welcome To My Family Of Musicians…

In case we haven’t met, my name is Ryan Van Tuyl (pronounced Van Tile), and I’m the owner and founder of your favorite music school, RockStars Music Studios. I founded RockStars in 2004 when I was 20 years old, creating the first school in Orange County to offer modern rock band lessons, classes, and performances… right here in Huntington Beach. The original School of Rock!

Over the years our school has expanded to include a Performance Academy, Music Video Production Studio and a Professional Entertainment Company. With this evolution comes a new company… Van Tuyl Music & Entertainment with a new name for our school Van Tuyl Music Academy.

So, why did we ditch the RockStars name?

For me, teaching rock, pop or metal was never supposed to be an excuse to get off easy as an instructor, or let my students get off easy in their journey of discovering of music. I started teaching modern music so that my students would have a better understanding of music. I wanted to teach them the intricacies of rhythm, scales and music theory in a way they could relate to and understand… by playing songs they knew and loved.

Nowadays there are so many schools out there doing the Rock School thing. In my opinion, they’re doing it wrong. Starting a School of Rock has unfortunately become an excuse to let unqualified musicians become teachers and influencers of our next generation of musicians. It’s become acceptable to teach an excited, young musician how to play a song, but not challenge them to learn anything more than how to copy the notes they hear in the song. It’s become en vogue take a ground breaking concept like a band workshop, and turn it into a glorified baby sitting session.

Learning music can and should be fun! Many of these other rock schools out there do a great job of making the challenging process of learning an instrument fun and exciting. However for us, that just isn’t enough.

What is different about Van Tuyl Music Academy?

From the quality of our instructors, to the concepts behind our workshops, to our Music Video Productions, to our NO-HASSLE scheduling policy, EVERYTHING!

  • Our instructors are simply the best! From extensive music performance degrees from prestigious schools and universities, to extensive touring, recording and performing experience with acts like Demi Lovato, Eddie Money, Selena Gomez Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire and many more legendary artists, our instructors have both the knowledge and experience to back up everything they teach.
  • Our workshops teach more than just how to play as a band! Students learn the valuable skill of playing to a metronome as a band, which translates to how to perform in a recording studio session. They learn how to perform a song at note-for-note standards, which develops their ear training, memory skills and makes for excellent live performances. Our vocalists learn how to harmonize, choreograph and entertain while they sing, which translates to stage presence and confidence in their every day lives.
  • Our Music Video Production services combine the magic of live performance with the quality of top-end video and audio production. From performing with professional musicians to creating a live music video performance with other music students, our Production Studio team will create a product that can showcase your talent to the world.
  • Our NO-HASSLE scheduling policy means exactly that! Just call, text or email us up to 30-minutes before your lesson and we’ll gladly reschedule it to a time that works better for you.


We’re so excited…

for what’s to come over the next 13 years! If you’ve never given us a try, feel free to call us at (714) 594-9853 or email us and we’d be glad to schedule you a complimentary trial lesson!

Welcome To My Family Of Musicians…

Ryan Van Tuyl

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