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Huntington Beach Music Factory School of Music
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Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach’s original music factory school of music for lessons in rock, pop, blues, jazz and live performance. However, we’re not just a music factory for instrument lessons, our staff also offers some of the best performance based band workshops, summer music camps and recording and performing opportunities in all of OC.


Since 2004, VTMA has operated with a belief that music lessons and workshops deserve more than just a one size fits all, music factory style of teaching. Even though we’ve taught over 5,000 students in group classes, private lessons, summer camps and our innovative band workshops, we’ve taken the time to invest in every single one of our students. Our more advanced students participate in our one-of-a-kind Live Band Workshops and all of our students have the opportunity to perform for their family and friends in one of our professionally produced, VTMA Concerts. VTMA has some of the most talented instructors in Huntington Beach and most up-to-date facilities and technology for helping people of all ages in HB learn how to play and perform.


We’ve done so much more than just crank out thousands of music lessons each week! Graduates of VTMA HB programs have gone on to tour internationally with major acts in the music industry, names such as Eddie Money, Selena Gomez, Stevie Wonder, Halsey, Earth, Wind & Fire, Demi Lovato and more!

Huntington Beach Private Music Lessons


One-on-one music lessons are the heart and soul of what we do at VTMA in Huntington Beach. Each one of our instructors has years of experience in performing and teaching, and is committed to their student’s success. Click on the specific instrument below to learn more… or send us an email for a free lesson!


Guitar Lessons


Piano Lessons


Voice Lessons


Drum Lessons


Bass Lessons


DJ Lessons


Huntington Beach Summer Music Camps


Summer Music camps in Huntington Beach at VTMA are truly one-of-a-kind! While most schools are content to offer a one-week camp jam that leaves campers wishing there was more to it, our 4-week Instrument Immersion and Music Performance camps leave our musicians forever changed. Check out our amazing Huntington Beach Summer Music Camp programs!


Adult Music Lessons in Huntington Beach


Private Music Lessons for adults is one of our specialties at Van Tuyl Music Academy in Huntington Beach. While many music schools and music teachers are content to just teach the notes of a new song each week, our instructors go beyond, teaching you the rhythm, theory and musical secrets behind what makes your favorite song, your favorite song. Email our team today to begin gaining an understanding of music like you’ve never had before.


Live Rock Band Workshops


Live Band Workshops are yet another music program that sets VTMA in HB apart from all the rest. As our music students progress on their instruments, it is vital that they gain experience playing in a live rock band setting. In addition to being an absolute blast, these workshops are where our students really hone in on their skills and understanding of music. Nothing can teach you more about yourself and your abilities than learning to lock in with a group of musicians and play as one.


VTMA Huntington Beach Concerts


The VTMA Huntington Beach Concerts, above all else, are what place us high above every other music factory or school of music. All VTMA students are included in our bi-annual Soloist Concerts at absolutely NO COST. That’s right, no tickets, no fees. From our Soloist Concerts to our Performance Academy Concert Series, VTMA HB Concerts are not the recitals of yesterday. Soloist students perform exciting renditions of their favorite songs, accompanied by live musicians or professionally mixed and edited accompaniment tracks. Our Performance Academy concerts are simply something that have to be experienced. Past concerts have included tributes to Michael Jackson, Queen and David Bowie, The Beatles, 80’s Glam Rock, Modern Rock, and reviews of some of the best periods in music history.


Huntington Beach’s Original Music Factory School of Music


Van Tuyl Music Academy is the original music factory school of music in Huntington Beach, to this day we go far beyond teaching a few chords and hosting a jam session. Click here to also read why VTMA is such a unique Huntington Beach school of rock, pop, blues and more.

Taking lessons at Van Tuyl Music Academy Huntington Beach is an experience unlike any other. Our facilities have clean rooms, the latest technology and a large music library. Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is the original music factory school of music, rock musical theater, pop, blues, jazz and live performance in Huntington Beach.