Looking For More Than Regular In Home Piano Lessons In Laguna Beach?

You’ve taken some piano lessons, but are you ready for the next step?

In association with our Artist Development Program, Van Tuyl Music Academy is offering in-home piano lessons in Laguna Beach. VTMA Founder and Artist Development Program Director, Ryan Van Tuyl, uses his proven methods to teach piano and develop the artist inside each of his students. Artist Development is a journey. It requires dedication and effort of the student. It requires a financial and student-accountability commitment from the parents. However, it quickly begins developing more, so much more, than just a standard piano lesson.

Most piano teachers who come to the home in Laguna Beach are really great! They love teaching, they know music, they’re (mostly) reliable to show up on time each week. Maybe they’re a classical piano teacher. Maybe they know some pop music. It’s mostly a valuable lesson they teach each week. But do you ever wonder if they’re capable of teaching more than just the notes on the page?

All potential in-home students and families must first meet with Ryan for a student evaluation. Potential artists don’t necessarily need to have extensive experience on piano to be accepted, but must have the right combination of dedication, attitude and drive. This program is especially good for students who’ve taken classical piano lessons in Laguna Beach, but want to learn modern keyboard and piano performance technique and theory. Singers in Laguna Beach who want to learn to play piano will find these lessons to be fun, creative and efficient. For more information on our in-home Artist Development program in Newport Beach, click here.