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Are You Looking For Something More?

-Maybe your here because you want to learn bass guitar, and want an instructor who’s actually a bassist-

-Maybe you’re here because you taught yourself how to play bass using YouTube, but you’re wondering, “what’s next?”-

-Maybe you’re here because you’ve taken some bass lessons, but your progress has plateaued-

-Maybe you’re here because you’ve never really been able to connect to playing bass and understanding it’s greatness-

-Maybe you’re here because you know you want to be a Bassist for life, but need a guide to show you the way-

-Or maybe you’re here because you believe you’re ready to introduce yourself to the world as an artist-

Maybe You're Ready

Ryan Van Tuyl’s bass guitar lessons program is an all-encompassing music mentorship for musicians ages 8-Adult. Wether you’re an absolute beginner, need more help than a YouTube video can give, or just ready for the next level, Ryan Van Tuyl can help you.

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Ryan Van Tuyl, I founded Van Tuyl Music Academy in 2004 in Huntington Beach, Ca. I started my own music academy because, when I looked around at what was available for music education, all I saw was a crowd of teachers just teaching kids to re-create the notes already on a page. I believe that being a musician isn’t just about learning to make notes happen with your voice or an instrument. Being a musician gives you the chance to truly have a voice and identity in this world, and with that voice you can affect whatever change you so desire. The moment a musician steps into their destiny as an artist, they have the opportunity to greatly influence the community around them.

A little more about me and my school, VTMA:

  • We were the first school in Orange County to offer Performance Based Music Education
  • I’ve been playing, performing and recording guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums since 1998
  • I graduated from Musicians Institute in 2006
  • I’ve taught thousands of students of all ages and ability levels on all instruments
  • I’ve been producing specialty concerts and events since 2000, including HB’s Annual 4th of July Music Festival
  • I am a contracted instructor for Piano & Guitar with the City of Newport Beach for all Community Center and ACE classes
  • I’m a specialty music instructor for music performance programs at APA (Huntington Beach HS), MIT (Sowers Middle School) and Commercial Music at Edison HS in Huntington Beach
  • I’ve sent students into the Music Performance degree programs at schools including USC, UCLA, UCI, Berklee College of Music, Musicians Institute & Chapman University 

How Far Can Ryan Take Me?

Depending on the interest, commitment level, and ability of the student, Ryan Van Tuyl can take each musician on a journey that explores everything including:

  • Absolute Beginner Bass Guitar Lessons
  • Advanced, Bass Guitar Lessons
  • Artist-Specific, Studio-Ready Instrument Skill Development
  • Finding Your Voice & Sound
  • Elite Instrument Skill Development
  • Performing On Stage At Professionally Produced Concerts, Backed By A Professional Band
  • Recording & Filming Specially Arranged Cover Songs
  • Writing & Arranging Original Music with Legendary Industry Songwriters (writers for Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, etc.)
  • Filming, Recording, Performing & Releasing Your Original Music

That Is Truly All-Encompassing, Do I Need All Of It?

Maybe. Some people just want to learn to play their favorite songs and have a positive hobby in life, and that is great! Along the way, we’ll figure out what you are ready for and capable of as a musician. No matter what your level of interest in and commitment to bass guitar is, there is one, universal truth that comes in Ryan’s bass lessons: In a world dominated by screen time and online social judgment, it is imperative that people today learn how to anchor themselves to the discipline and strength required to become a musician. It’s critical to understand that this metamorphosis doesn’t happen overnight. That is why it is called a journey. For that journey, Ryan lays out a step-by-step process for each artist and family to help them travel it in a smart, efficient way.

How is this different from regular bass lessons?

If the student has already taken lessons in bass, great! Those lessons will only serve to further aid the artist in his or her development and musical skill set. A significant part of this program will include invaluable, Artist-Specific, Studio-Ready guitar lessons with Ryan, but the totality of the program is focused on teaching the student to conquer the challenges each new song, scale, rhythm or concept presents. It is through this focus on the journey of becoming an artist that students of this program develop lifelong skills of understanding success and failure, and most importantly, discovering their self-identity and self-confidence.

Where is this program located?

All bass lessons are conducted in-home in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast & Laguna Beach.

What is the first step?

A complimentary, 30-minute evaluation.

Everyone has heard the famous saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive, and it couldn’t be more true for this journey.

The evaluation is very informal. For absolute beginners, Ryan will show the student some basic concepts. For bassists with previous experience, the student should prepare to play one or two pieces that best showcase his or her skills and abilities, either with a track or self-accompaniment. From there, the student, the family and Ryan will have a conversation about the artist’s experiences, interests and goals.

What happens next?

After the evaluation, Ryan will determine whether the student is ready to be accepted into the program. If he or she is, Ryan will provide several options for the program, centered around a time requirement from the artist and a financial commitment from the family.

What is the expected financial commitment for this program?

The financial commitment can vary greatly based upon all that needs to be accomplished, and how much time it will take to accomplish the entire plan of action. Our basic, in-home lesson rates are $50 per half-hour lesson.

Sound like something worth exploring?

Let’s schedule your complimentary, 30-minute evaluation.

We would love to speak with you further to determine if our in-home bass lessons program is a fit for both your family and Ryan Van Tuyl.

Please fill out all information in the form below and our office manager will contact you within 24-48 hours.

-The Van Tuyl Music Academy Family

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Interest Piqued, But Still Unsure?

Read a little more

How Are Adult Lessons Different?

Private Lessons for adults is one of Ryan’s specialties. Learning a new skill or hobby as an adult is a completely different experience from learning it as a child. Adults have so many more questions than children, they need further explanation and have responsibilities that affect their ability to consistently practice. While many schools and teachers are content to just teach the notes of a new song each week, Ryan goes beyond, teaching you the rhythm, theory and musical secrets behind what makes your favorite song, your favorite song. Ryan is someone who personally loves picking up new hobbies and skills as an adult, so he takes pride in his direct understanding of all that you’re going through when you decide to become a musician later in life.

What Are Studio Ready Music Lessons?

Studio Ready Music Lessons are instrument and vocal lessons that begin with the end goal of possessing the skills necessary to record in a studio and on film. It is often said that the studio presents the most challenging environment for a musician to perform, and that is because most amateur musicians enter the studio either un-prepared, or without the skills necessary to produce a recording they can be proud of. Studio Ready Music Lessons focus a significant amount of time on performing with a metronome, gaining a deep understanding of the pocket, recording scratch tracks, and most importantly, the mental approach to recording. The Studio is a place that often breaks musicians down, and make them question their own abilities. Having the mental strength to record is a key component taught in Studio Ready Music Lessons.

What's The Difference Between A Regular Lesson and An Artist Specific Lesson?

Regular music lessons are without a doubt a vital aspect of becoming an artist. A good music lesson will give the musician the basic level of skills and understanding necessary to perform on stage or in a recital, play in front of friends and family, learn favorite songs and genuinely enjoy music. To take Artist Specific Lessons, a musician must first have a basic level of skill and understanding of the instrument he or she plays. From there, the lessons focus specifically on how to perform in a way that showcases the natural ability of the artist. For singing, this includes song selection, technique drills focused around the singer’s vocal timbre, and performance development. For instruments, this includes learning to play and sing as a self-accompanist, using the instrument to both support and highlight the artist’s voice, and developing the skills to perform with your voice, while also accompanying yourself on an instrument. Finally, combining the voice and the instrument to create unique, stylized arrangements of cover and original music that will showcase the artist as a unique and talented musician and performer.

What Instruments Should Every Artist Be Able To Play

In general, most artists have a basic ability to play guitar, piano or both instruments. However, singers almost always gravitate more towards one instrument than the other, which allows them to focus on both performing and writing in a style that makes sense for the instrument and the artist. If an artist gravitates more towards piano, we develop his or her understanding of not only how to play the piano, but where on the piano they can play that highlights and supports his or her voice. If an artist gravitates more towards guitar, we develop his or her understanding of not only how to play the guitar, but of how to use tools and tricks to perform songs in a key that suits his or her voice and is also easy to play. No matter which instrument a singer gravitates toward, he or she should possess a basic level of skill and understanding of both the guitar and the piano.

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