Adult Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons For Adults In Huntington Beach

Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach’s original school of rock, classical pop, blues, jazz and live performance for adult piano lessons.

Learning a new skill or hobby as an adult is a completely different experience from learning it as a child. Adults have so many more questions than children, you need further explanation and have responsibilities that affect your ability to consistently practice. While many schools and teachers are content to just teach the notes of a new song each week, we go beyond, teaching you the rhythm, theory and musical secrets behind what makes your favorite song, your favorite song.

Making the commitment to becoming a musician as an adult is something special, but not something easy. You need a guide who can help you through the challenges that are thrown at you, that you may not understand. The music teachers at VTMA have years of experience mastering the differences in adult and child music education.

Can you learn to play piano on YouTube? 

Absolutely! YouTube piano lessons are an amazingly helpful tool in becoming a better guitarist. However, there are a few things that YouTube or music learning sites will never be able to help you with. Specifically:

  • They can’t tell you if you’re doing it right – Did that note sound good? Are you getting better? Who knows!
  • They can’t answer your questions – video music lessons are geared for short attention spans to maximize clicks, so you mostly get a quick overview of whatever song or concept the video is teaching
  • They’re often wrong – there are some fantastic instructors online, we know some of the best ones personally, but for every good online instructor, there are thousands who simply either don’t know what they’re talking about, or don’t know who to teach it clearly

Most Importantly

  • They’re not focused on YOU! – If you have a family, you know what happens. The moment you sit down to do anything for yourself, you get bombarded with questions about weekend schedules, children shouting, a dog barking for no reason, or that little someone wants to bang on the keys to the song you’re practicing. When you come in for your weekly, private music lesson at VTMA, it’s exactly that, p-r-i-v-a-t-e. Just you, the instructor, your guitar and some great music.

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About our adult piano program:

Still got questions? Read a little more about our adult piano lessons program

Our piano, keyboard and synth program is revolutionizing the way people learn piano. All of our state of the art piano rooms feature an acoustic piano and a digital keyboard. We are the first and only school in Orange County to offer piano lessons where students don’t start by suffering through Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, but by enjoying to play music by Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beatles, and even Cartoon Theme Songs. At Van Tuyl Music Academy, we appreciate what classical music does for someone wanting to master the piano by spending hours and hours every day practicing some of the most complex pieces of music ever written. We can even teach those pieces if students really want to dedicate themselves to learning them, but we don’t feel it is the best way for a new student to enjoy playing the piano. Our students begin by learning We Will Rock You, the 12 Bar Blues, and the Blues Scale, which teaches the five finger pattern, two hand playing, and improvisation. They can then advance to choosing their favorite songs and learning to perform them on the piano. Along the way students learn soloing, string arrangement, and organ accompaniment, all with an emphasis on eventually becoming an accomplished Jazz, Rock, and Blues pianist.

Taking piano lessons at Van Tuyl Music Academy is an experience unlike any other. Our facilities have clean rooms, the latest technology and a large music library. Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Orange County’s original school of rock, classical, pop, blues, jazz and live performance for piano. We’re so much more than just a music factory of piano lessons in OC.