How Much Do Bass Guitar Lessons Cost – AB Music Studios In Huntington Beach

If you’re researching music schools for bass guitar lessons in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley or Costa Mesa, you have almost too many options to choose from! In addition to that, it can sometimes be challenging to get quick, easy answers to questions like how much do lessons cost, what’s your cancellation policy, do you have concerts or recitals, etc. So to help, we’ve compiled a directory of some schools in Orange County that offer bass guitar lessons, with the answers to those questions. For our complete directory of schools, teachers and options for music lessons in Orange County, click here.

AB Music Studios started in 1981 and is located in Huntington Beach, Ca off Magnolia and Garfield. They are near the border of Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach. It should be noted that AB Music Studios rents out their teaching rooms to instructors, so some of the information below may vary based on the instructor teaching the lessons. Here are a few questions and answers about their bass guitar lessons program:

  • How much are bass guitar lessons at AB Music Studios? – $140/mo for a weekly, 30-minute lesson
  • Are bass guitar lessons at AB Music Studios taught by a guitar teacher or bass teacher? – Bass teacher
  • Does AB Music Studios offer a family discount? – No
  • What is the cancellation policy at AB Music Studios? – 24 hours notice is required to reschedule any lesson
  • Does AB Music Studios offer a rock band program for bass guitar students? – No
  • What is the cost of AB Music Studio’s rock band program? – n/a
  • Does AB Music Studios host a concert for their bass guitar students? – No
  • What is the cost to participate in AB Music Studios Concerts? – n/a

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