Have Fun at the Huntington Beach Summer Music Camp at VTMA

Having fun at a summer camp is nearly every kid’s dream. Sure, even us adults can relate.

Whether we had a summer camp experience or not, it is something that is looked upon with fond sentiments and enthusiasm. Spending days and nights in an exciting, fun-filled environment with new people from all over the country is a great way to make lifelong friends and memories that can be treasured forever. Now, it’s no secret that among the many summer camps that can be chosen from as every new summer approaches, there are those that teach a new skill or build on one that already exists. While this may be abundant, many individuals overlook these kinds of camps. But they are extremely rewarding; they give camp goers a chance to practice something they’re interested in, all while working towards the goal of taking away a new skill, and a new confidence, from their summer camp experience.


The Huntington Beach Summer Music Camp is the perfect example of a summer camp that does just that and more. Kids taking part in the summer music camp hosted by the Van Tuyl Music Academy will find themselves in for a treat as they are taken on a special musical journey that imparts all of its musical wisdom and know how, while leaving the students touched, mesmerized, motivated, and ready to rock during the year ahead.


The Huntington Beach Summer Music Camp program at the Van Tuyl Music Academy is the best place to have fun and enjoy the summer while learning how to rock out to a multitude of colorful, diverse tunes. The H.B. summer music camp campers can expect to arrive at the camp and enter feeling ecstatic for the fun-filled, sunny days ahead, and leave feeling accomplished and having learned to play and perform multiple jams. Along with this build up of excitement that surrounds the camp goers, however, is something equally as important. The passion of the camp itself. The Van Tuyl Music Academy believes in the creation of a music summer camp that takes a step away from the traditional ideas of sitting in a room all day, drilling rules into your head, and attempting to patiently wait for your chance to play a song. VTMA has constructed a camp that works to effectively experience the music you play, leaving you wanting more, and learning in a way that strikes a chord within, allowing the technique, music theory, and other material to resonate within.


Camp goers, regardless of the program they choose or the level it is at which they enter, will find a unique combination of instrument classes, music theory courses, and performance workshops, all of which work together to create an experience that builds crucial skill. Campers of any ages will find that the Huntington Beach Summer Camp is a delightful experience that will make their sweet summertime a memorable one to look back on for the rest of their lives.

Among the different programs that are offered at the VTMA summer music camp is the basic camp, otherwise known as instrument immersion, and the more extensive music performance camps. The instrument immersion camp is based on the concept that the daily camp allows a direct connection with the music and the act of playing the instrument being practiced. By running a daily camp, much of the “fluff” that would be found in weekly lessons is skipped over so that the students have the opportunity to focus on playing every day. Maximizing the time spent sounding the instrument is the goal. This hands-on experience with the music allows the student to spend a minimum of one hour per day actually playing music and practicing songs, each of which can make a big difference in how the student feels with the music and the instrument. With this method, each of the music students has the potential to quickly learn chords, rhythm, technique, sound, and scales. What’s more, the students practice and play alongside peers, applying what they learn in a positive, motivated environment. This peer-to-peer interaction in this type of setting can lead to a supportive, encouraging environment that forces each student to maintain the overall pace of what is being learned and played.

As stated before, along with the option for an instrument immersion camp is a music performance camp. Typically, this camp is an extension of the instrument immersion camp that is found at the VTMA summer music programs, and results in an extra hour of instruction per day for each of the students enrolled. Having said that, the extra hour spent is in a band setting. With this extra hour, students have the chance to apply what they have learned in a setting which emphasizes working together to perform. The ultimate goal of this extension-styled program is to intensify what they are daily taking from the immersion aspect and to allow them to work together to perform various songs as a band. Students participating in this aspect of the Huntington Beach summer music camp will learn one to two new songs each week and perform them for friends, family, and other camp goers at a final concert that is hosted by the camp itself.

So, to sum it up, if you are looking for the perfect spot that can play host to the perfect summer, the Huntington Beach Summer Music Camp at Van Tuyl Music Academy is the spot you’re searching for. We host beginner to advanced musicians from ages 6 to 18 years and are excited to welcome campers from all over. It’s our goal at VTMA music summer camp to make sure you are left with the most memorable experience that goes beyond the jam session, and leaves you with what it takes to truly rock out and rock on.

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