Guitar Center Fountain Valley Offers Guitar Lessons In Dungeons

Breaking News: Guitar Center In Fountain Valley Is Now Offering Guitar Lessons Inside Their Very Own Guitar Lesson Dungeons

Guitar Center Fountain Valley Music Lessons Dungeon Guitar Voice Piano Bass Drums

Have you always wanted to feel like the world was caving in on you while you’re trying to learn the next AC/DC solo?

Try guitar lessons at Guitar Center in Fountain Valley!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, parents and aspiring musicians! For just $129.99/mo you can now take music lessons for Guitar inside these not-claustrophobia inducing, six-foot by four-foot lesson dungeons.


Hey parents! What do you think about sending your nervous child into this music lessons fishbowl so they can explore their creativity and musical interests with an entire store of shoppers gawking at them?

Guitar Center in Fountain Valley is a great place to buy music equipment, we shop there almost exclusively! But maybe, just maybe, they should have invested more than one corporate synergy meeting into how they can best enter the very personal, music lessons and education service business.

At Van Tuyl Music Academy, we believe that our entire staff, students and parents are all a part of our family of music and creativity. So when you sign up for lessons with us, you get a clean, private lesson room, an experienced instructor, and most importantly, an environment designed to create the best music education experience possible. We hope you’ll check us out for lessons in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums or DJ!

Check out our facilities!

At Van Tuyl Music Academy, we call this a waiting room!

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Our guitar students and teachers hang loose because they know they’re in a great place to learn and play guitar.


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Maybe we’re a little sarcastic, even a little annoyed, but it’s only because we care so much about music education. We have no doubt that GC employs good people and good teachers who probably love teaching! We just think that a multi-billion dollar corporation can invest more than a few sound booths into the music education of the Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach communities.

We hope you do too.