Guitar Center Fountain Valley Music Lesson Rooms Are Like Saunas

Have You Always Wanted to Sweat Like You’re Inside A Sauna While Learning The Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums or Voice?


Guitar Center Fountain Valley Music Lessons Dungeon Guitar Voice Piano Bass DrumsWell we have GREAT news for you! Rumor has it that the temperature inside Guitar Center Fountain Valley’s new music lesson “rooms” – we use that term loosely – resembles that of a sauna. These lesson rooms have no air conditioning or air flow, but one thing they do have plenty of his heat-generating electricity!

So let’s do some basic environmental math…

Black 4×6 Sound Proof Lesson Room – (all air flow) + (electronics like amps, keyboards, computers) x (multiple humans in a confined space) = a sweat-inducing, sauna-like music lesson experience!

On the bright side, studies do say that visiting a sauna once a week is good for reducing inflammation. We do suggest, however, that if you’re going to take a music lesson inside GC FV’s music lesson saunas, that you are well hydrated before arriving!


And ohbytheway, At Van Tuyl Music Academy, we believe that our entire staff, students and parents are all a part of our family of music and creativity. So when you sign up for lessons with us, you get a clean, air conditioned private lesson room, an experienced instructor, and most importantly, an environment designed to create the best music education experience possible. We hope you’ll check us out for lessons in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums or DJ!

Check out our facilities!

van tuyl music academy huntington beach









At Van Tuyl Music Academy, we call this a waiting room!

van tuyl music academy huntington beach piano lessons









Here’s one of our piano teachers Andy! Standing up inside an air conditioned piano studio!

van tuyl music academy drum lessons









This happy drum student’s name is Matthew. Matthew is happy because he doesn’t sweat through his shirt while learning the drums.

van tuyl music academy guitar lessons









Our guitar students and teachers hang loose because they know they’re not going to suffer heat exhaustion during their lessons.









Here’s Kiera, singing her heart out. She can do this without fear, because she knows the temperature controlled lesson room she’s singing inside will keep her happy and comfortable.


Maybe we’re a little sarcastic, even a little annoyed, but it’s only because we care so much about music education. We have no doubt that GC employs good people and good teachers who probably love teaching! We just think that a multi-billion dollar corporation can can provide music teachers and kids taking music lessons with some a/c during their experience.

We hope you do too.