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VTMA DJ Teachers Are The Original DJ School Instructors In HB

Meet our team of DJ Instructors in Huntington Beach. Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach’s original school of DJ’ing for EDM, hip hop, rap and pop. Whether you have a child that wants to learn to DJ or you’re looking for yourself, Van Tuyl Music Academy is the place for you. Our seasoned, professional DJ instructors have experience with students of all ages and ability levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

VTMA is more than a music factory for DJ lessons, we’re an immersive, one-of-a-kind school that teaches you how to spin, mix and create what you feel inside.

DJ Josh Paktan

Josh has been performing and teaching DJ Lessons for VTMA since 2016.



DJ, producer, musician, and electronic music enthusiast, Josh Paktan is a true local of Huntington Beach, California. Josh grew up with a passion for music, and was introduced to DJ’ing at the age of 14 by his cousin. After getting his first set of turntables in middle school, he quickly fell in love with mixing music. He began sharing his devotion for mixing music right away by DJ’ing friends parties and quickly grew into doing professional events, weddings, school dances and concerts all over LA and Orange County. Josh has a deep desire to share his skill and passion for DJ’ing with his students at RockStars!

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Taking DJ lessons at Van Tuyl Music Academy is an experience unlike any other. Our facilities have clean rooms, the latest technology and a large music library. Since 2004, Van Tuyl Music Academy is Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Orange County’s original school of rock, metal, funk, pop, blues, jazz and live performance for DJ’ing. We’re so much more than just a music factory of lessons in OC.

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