An Intensely Inspiring Music Summer Camp

VTMA isn’t like other music summer camps. Here’s why we’re different.

You’ve heard of HIIT right? HIIT is the practice of training for short, intense periods of time with less intense recovery periods in between.

VTMA has redeveloped the concept of HIIT into an intense four-week music camp for Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums and DJ. Our camp goes way beyond a standard one week camp with six hour days. Instead, we provide one to three hour days over four weeks! It ends with a mind-blowing live performance to celebrate the young musical talent.

Educators have been advocating shorter student days for a long time; and, there are plenty of studies that detail the benefits of shorter and more frequent learning periods.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

#1. Improved memory and recall

When we see our students more frequently over a longer time period, we get more opportunities to recap and revisit the previous day’s work which helps with student recall.

#2. “Spacing” not “massing”

Information presented frequently over spaced intervals is learned better than information that’s repeated with no intervals.

#3. Interleaving

Because kids get more time each day to go and be active, they learn better when our lessons are interleaved with other daily experiences.

#4. Time efficiency

We’ll be honest, when we were structured in the same way as other camps, we struggled to fill up a 6 hour day with enough content to keep the kids’ attention. With shorter days we’re forcing ourselves to be really efficient with those hours. We simply can’t fit in redundant activities, and it’s amazing what we do cover in short period of time!

#5. Keeping track of progress

It’s easier to monitor students’ progress when we see them more frequently over a longer time-frame.

#6. Better attention spans

Because we pack so much into shorter days, it is easier for students to stay focused and engaged with the lessons. We’ve had the privilege of seeing kids go from never having played an instrument before to – at the end of the 4 weeks – playing in a band and performing in front of their parents as a tight knit unit that’s had a chance to gel and improve over time.

#7: Better value for money

Last but not least, because your kids are getting a more focused experience and come out at the end of it as talented, inspired performers, we believe you get more “bang for your buck” than at any other music camp in Orange County.

At VTMA, we believe learning can and should be fun! This isn’t just another rock school or an extended jam session. Kids leave our camps with all of the basic aspects of the modern music industry from instrument technique to music theory and performance workshops. Through playing the music they know and love, VTMA kids get to learn about today’s music scene from a top-class team of professional music instructors.